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Engineers help people and society by creating innovative designs ranging from limb prostheses, joint replacements and heart machines to automobiles, airplanes and computers, to clean water processes, wind turbines and solar panels for alternative energy. Engineers and Engineering Technologists then design and oversee the manufacturing processes to ensure quality products are provided to customers.

The Pre-Engineering program at Marygrove College can be a great stepping stone whether you want to be an architectural, electrical, mechanical, civil or any other engineer.  Marygrove’s Pre-Engineering Program has been designed to give you a strong foundation in math, science and basic engineering principles that you can build upon through further and more specialized study. You will be introduced to the engineering professions through internships, field experiences, lectures and guest speakers, and learn about workplace expectations and problem-solving through teamwork.

Students interested in Pre-Engineering should declare a B.S. in Mathematics major and will take a program of study that will prepare students to transfer to Engineering and Engineering Technology programs at other institutions to complete their upper level courses for graduation. Dual diploma programs and integrated Master’s Degree programs are also being developed

A. Pre-Engineering Core:

CHM 140: General Chemistry I
ISC 222: Introduction to Engineering
MTH 251: Calculus I
MTH 252: Calculus II
MTH 254: Calculus III
MTH 353: Linear Algebra
MTH 371: Differential Equations
PHY 285: Physics I
PHY 286: Physics II

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