General Information

The Bachelor of Science with an integrated science group major requires 44-45 credit hours and completion of the following components:

A. General Education Requirements

See GENERAL EDUCATION section of this catalog.

B. Required Courses (41 – 42 credits)

BIO 150      Biology I: From Molecules to Cells
BIO 151      Biology II: Unity and Diversity of Life
BIO 201      Ecology and the Environment
CHM 130    Chemical Science
ENC/POL/PSY/SOC 305   Introductory Statistics   OR    MTH 325 Statistics
ENV 135     Earth Science
ENV 300     Weather and Climate
ISC 222   Introduction to Engineering
ISC 312   Junior Seminar
ISC 496A    Science Senior Seminar: Library Research
ISC 496B    Science Senior Seminar: Laboratory Research
PHY 135     Conceptual Physics
PHY 200     Exploring the Universe

C. Electives (minimum of 3 hours)

BIO 257   Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
CHM 230   Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry
ENV 320   Introduction to Environmental Sustainability
ENV 370   Environmental Policy and Regulation
ISC 410   Special Topics

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