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Are you curious? Do you like to explore problems? Do scientific questions fascinate you? Do you enjoy working in a laboratory? Do you want to better understand matter, molecules, atoms, and how they react? If so, you will be interested in a chemistry major or minor.

The Chemistry Program has two major goals: (1) to provide a strong chemistry major within a liberal arts framework for those entering the profession of chemistry or preparing for graduate work; (2) to provide cognate backgrounds in chemistry for other majors, pre-medical and dental students, science educators and others who may require chemistry.


The Bachelor of Arts degree program with a major in chemistry is designed for both students who want a career as a professional chemist and for occupations that require a moderate training in chemistry combined with training in one or more other areas. For example, students desire chemistry as a major in programs of pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-veterinary, or pre-law.. Other examples are students planning prospective careers in sales or technical service, as technical editor, writers, or secretaries, or as technical librarians, chemical patent lawyers, or forensic scientists.

The Chemistry minor provides you with the skills and theory needed for an entry-level position as a chemical technician. It will also prepare you to teach at the secondary level. A chemistry minor provides valuable background for pre-medical and pre-health careers.

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