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Teaching careers, particularly in math and science, are in demand due to the gap left from retirees. Teachers can work in urban, rural, or suburban schools—privately or government funded. Teachers are essential to the social and intellectual development of children, particularly in their elementary years.

A teacher’s role in the classroom can have an impact on what his or her students will want to do with their future. It can also positively impact their attitudes and ultimately effect how they treat their friends and family. Teachers use classroom presentation to help students learn and apply the subject at hand. They must be able to direct a group’s learning while also remaining sensitive to each individual’s needs. Teacher’s plan and prepare lessons, homework, and tests; they grade work and alter their teaching habits accordingly. Teachers may also be required to interact with a student’s guardians in order to assist in their learning behaviors.

The Teaching of Biology BIO 347

Philosophical basis for science teaching; survey of special programs in biology; specific objectives, materials and curriculum planning for biology; emphasis on role of laboratory in biology teaching. Observations of classroom/laboratory teaching.

  • Prerequisites: Admittance into Phase III Teacher Certification Candidate; Term: Winter. Offered as needed
  • Categories: Biology Courses

Topics in Health Care HSC 101

This course uses a research approach to focus on issues affecting healthcare in America. Topics include the sociological, psychological, economic, environmental, and ethical impact on health and the problems facing healthcare professionals. Fieldwork is required.

Teaching Probability and Statistics in Grades K - 8 MTH 330

Statistical graphs, centers and spreads of distributions, appropriate statistical software and student activities, explorations and investigations, and current issues in mathematics education.

  • Prerequisites: : MTH 325; Math Major or Minor for Elementary Teaching; Term: winter, offered alternate years [odd]
  • Categories: Mathematics Courses

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