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Health Science Careers (1)

If you have a passion for science and helping others, a career in health sciences could be for you.

Health Science (34)

If you have a passion for science and helping others, a career in health sciences could be for you. The Bachelor of Science degree program with a major in Health Science is designed to provide the student with a broad-based science curriculum with interdisciplinary components for those students seeking employment in a health-related field.
Health Science

Health Science Courses (25), Health Science Careers (1)

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Health Science Overview

This degree can serve as a springboard for graduate work in a specific health-related field or lead to various occupations in the health field. The Health Science program is an interdisciplinary group major consisting of coursework in biology, chemistry, mathematics, social science, business, and health science. No minor is required.

Health Care Informatics HSC 321

This course will establish the foundational knowledge for understanding and practicing informatics in a healthcare environment. Healthcare informatics models and theories and the sciences that support it will be reviewed. The use of information technology to support decisions that promote safety and quality in patient-centered care, and concerns about protecting information and system integrity are addressed. Course assignments focus on healthcare applications.

Health Science Mathematics MTH 103

Applies basic mathematical skills in calculations required for the usual dosage determinations, as well as solution preparations using weight, metric, household, and apothecary systems. Discussion on applying ratio and proportion, allegations, and business calculations in pharmacy operations.

Hospital Pharmacy PHT 123

This course explores the unique role and practice of pharmacy technician in a hospital pharmacy. Students will be introduced to the daily operations of hospital pharmacy including the process of medication distribution systems, inpatient drug delivery systems, unit dose chart files, quality assurance, drug storage, preparations of intravenous admixtures, compounding, manufacturing and repackaging, and inventory control systems..

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