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Mathematics is a universal language with far-reaching applications. Today, perhaps more than ever, a good grasp of mathematics is necessary in order for you to impact your world. Economic recession, overpopulation, pollution, and disease are some of the problems whose solutions will require good mathematicians. A Marygrove degree in mathematics will empower you with knowledge, character, and leadership, and could help you change the world.

Math, the Language of Everything...

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At Marygrove, your mathematics education will be explorative as faculty continually seek the best way to connect to you. This means teaching and learning outside the box, and delivering a dynamic curriculum which adjusts to the way our students live, study and interact.

Courses are designed (and constantly redesigned) to engage, challenge, and motivate you. Throughout your coursework, faculty observe your progress and get to know your personal learning style. As a student, you’ll benefit from regular face time with key faculty.

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As the world has become more digital, so has the design of our courses. For example, the Algebra course uses MyMathLab—an online program which provides an accessible source for homework, practice, and tests. The program provides instant feedback (no more waiting for grades) and assistance with homework (no more working alone). Throughout the curriculum, you’ll experience a refreshing approach to course design that includes an emphasis on real-world problem solving and makes use of multimedia via classrooms equipped with “smart technology.”

Graph Theory

stock-photo-17727905-social-networkNew courses such as Graph Theory, which is the study of relationships and connections, explore the frontiers of mathematics and its modern-day uses.  Marygrove is one of the few colleges in the state to offer a course in graph theory, which has many applications involving social networking (Facebook), internet modeling, computer network analysis, utility design, scheduling, and even topics as diverse as the function of language.  Opportunities for research are also available to students who wish to explore mathematics topics beyond the standard curriculum under the guidance of faculty.

Online MAT

thumb stock-photo-16294159-person-writing-mathematical-equation-on-chalkboard_medWe also have an ever expanding presence in Marygrove’s Master in the Art of Teaching (MAT) online program. Our teaching programs balance strategy and pedagogy to help you master your craft. In our elementary teaching programs, mathematics has been emphasized in order to better meet standards, and courses are incorporating a better means of online interaction.

At Marygrove College you will build a good foundational understanding and mastery of mathematics, whether for real-world application, for teaching, or for the pure study of the beauty and aesthetics of mathematical theory.

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