Third 90 Wetlands Restoration Program

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Update on SAM’s Living Laboratory in Monroe

Third 90 Wetlands Restoration Program

Marygrove’s Science and Mathematics Department (SAM) engages students in and out of the classroom with the Third 90 Wetlands Restoration Program— an on-going collaboration with the Michigan Colleges Foundation (MCF) that puts high school students in the field-literally—to expose them to career interests. Schools participating in Third 90 push for 90 percent of their students to graduate from high school and college.


New Math Course has Far-Reaching Uses

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Graph Theory, Marygrove’s latest mathematics course.

New Math Course has Far-Reaching Uses

Learning mathematics often conjures coursework in algebra, calculus, and other such studies taught eons ago. Graph Theory, Marygrove’s latest mathematics course, will diverge from this pattern to offer a new manner of math. Though it’s only an infant to the other mathematical disciplines, it has a lot to offer for all kinds of students.  

Graph theory is part of the discrete mathematics branch, which focuses on the study of countable/discrete quantities (like integers), rather than continuous quantities (like the set of all real numbers). The focus is on relationships, designated as vertices connected by lines. The idea is to trace the patterns of connections, which follow cycles and disruptions.

One of the main draws of Graph Theory is its simplicity, which for Dr. Brian Crane, professor of the upcoming course, was his very reason for earning his doctorate in it. Crane’s research explores the theoretical aspect of the field, as opposed to its secular application.

I’m a pure mathematician,” he said. “I pursue random ideas as a puzzle to be solved.”

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